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PartumWear™ is underwear designed specifically to ensure you, the new mom, are as comfortable as possible. They are seamless with a breathable and technical knit crotch with an antimicrobial finish, made of superior quality 4-way stretch fabric. Seams can irritate the skin, causing some of us to even wince and that’s the last thing you need. One size fits 0 – 5 XL, these are the yoga pants of underwear you have been looking for!


There are no seams in this postpartum panty, no more irritation on your recuperating skin that deserves comfort and care.


They fit every curve, and never lose their shape. The feel is the opposite of the shape-wear products out there, so light and soft to the touch that you forget you are wearing them.


Crotch panel technically knitted for breathability with antimicrobial treatment to help with the healing process. Your OBGYN will thank you.


Nylon/Elastine mix made of superior yarn by a manufacturer in the ballet industry.

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The crotch area has been knitted with a special weave to make it breathable. Your nethers will thank you, as air is allowed in and moisture wicked and evaporated.


One size for all. Postpartum underwear made to fit from a size 0 to size 5XL

Research not only indicates that women need postpartum, comfortable underwear, but that the underwear business itself is growing. Fancy that. Did you know, according to the CDC, that there are 4 million births per year in the United States? That’s a whole lot of women needing postpartum underwear over the course of 0-6 weeks. And that time frame, given in the definition of the word postpartum, can extend. Research shows that women who have had multiple births take an average of 1 week longer time to recover.Women who have had a cesarean can take even longer to recover, especially if there are complications with the sutures healing (hello, cough cough, me). I tore my sutures open, requiring an additional 4 week recovery period. Those mesh undies are only going to last you a few days, and then what? Are you going to go and buy more see through gauze? No. Feeling a little like a Picasso painting? I know I did. Why add to it? Leave the mummy-like attire alone and pick up your self-esteem with a pair of PartumWear. Real underwear that fits you.
The Partumcare Company was started by me—a mom of two who lived in disposable underwear postpartum for way too long. The mesh worked great in the hospital, but not so great in the weeks following. Why aren’t there any seamless postpartum panties out there for us? I cannot figure out why no one has created something for new moms, during a time where this is most likely the most sensitive you’ll ever be. I mean you just gave birth, you should be wearing something the angels spun out of cloud silk. We as a society have come up with socks for dogs, but we couldn’t think up of underwear for new mommies? Why should the boobs have all the fun? In addition to nursing bras, some ingenious women came up with a hands-free pumping bra! And yet no underwear for women who have just given birth.

So, I embarked on my little journey—I started designing and playing around with fabric compositions and looking into seamless machines and manufacturers.

Using my Parsons School of Design education and the help of some great people in my life who helped make this a tangible dream, I created the PartumWear™ panty. It has been an amazing journey so far and I am so thankful.


You, you are a brave woman who just gave birth to a magical little baby. Congratulations! I know it wasn’t easy, but you did it. And so you know, there are women out there who share some of the same experiences. Everyone has a story and all of them are unique, but some similarities can give great comfort and strengthen us as a whole. Here are a few stories some women wanted to share with you, we are not alone, we are a sisterhood. If you have a story you would like to share, please email
I’m a mother of two. Three years ago my son was an emergency cesarean. While it was not planned the recovery was as expected. I gave birth to my daughter this past December via scheduled cesarean which quickly took a turn for the worse. I hemorrhaged and over 12 hours had 20.8 liters of blood transfused. The doctors had to perform a second surgery to remove my uterus, a hysterectomy. My blood was not clotting so they left me open in ICU with packing to help clot where I was resuscitated and stabilized. The doctors did a CT scan and found a vessel on the vaginal artery hemorrhaging and performed a third surgery. I was in ICU afterwards. Once they removed the breathing tube they moved me back to Labor and Delivery so I could be with my daughter four days after her birth. A week after my daughter’s birth, my incision leaked and I had severe abdominal pain. The doctors did a CT scan and learned that there was a small opening where they had stitched me up from the previous surgery and my intestines snuck through, basically a hernia. They did a fourth surgery.Nearly two weeks in the hospital and four days after the last surgery, I had a sore, swollen arm and an ultrasound revealed three blood clots, one a DVT. I went home with a wound vac and blood thinner medication. I developed a fourth clot after returning home and switched to shots for my medication that cause bruising. Needless to say, postpartum has been quite traumatic. My recovery will be different this time and that’s okay as I am grateful to be here with my family. While I sometimes feel bad about my postpartum body, I stop and remind myself daily how incredibly strong my body is to have made two beautiful children and to have survived ALL of this. We women are fierce.
I had my son, Conrad, 4 years ago. It was a normal pregnancy but the delivery was a bit of a challenge. After receiving an epidural my contractions slowed so they decided to give me meds to speed things up which wasn’t all that successful so they ended up using a vacuum to pull him out – the first vacuum broke; but the second try was a success. That said, Conrad was born with a very swollen face and with a large wound on his head and had to spend a couple nights in the NICU. The day we were discharged, Conrad was readmitted to the pediatric unit at the hospital as he developed jaundice and needed to “go under the lights” where he stayed for 2 nights – it was very hard to watch him cry while under the lights and not be able to comfort him in my arms. After going home for 2 days, I went to my routine postpartum appointment and my blood pressure was elevated and wouldn’t come down so I was readmitted to the hospital to be on magnesium for 2 nights in order to bring my blood pressure down. Needless to say, when I arrived home, I was feeling very anxious. I had a hard time with breastfeeding initially and developed mastitis with a fever but I managed to push through that and nurse him until he was 14 months old (despite wanting to give up several times). Fast forward to 2 years later and I experienced the first of 3 miscarriages. Ultimately I learned that as we age, some eggs get damaged and I had bad luck three times in a row.I was again quite anxious as my body had been on a hormonal roller coaster for a year as my hormones swelled with each pregnancy and then rapidly declined with each loss. When I got pregnant with Sloane, I was so worried that I would lose her at first, I couldn’t enjoy it. And as we got past each hurtle I couldn’t enjoy it because I wanted to prepare myself for the event of another loss. I never shared on social media that I was pregnant, as I had so cheerfully and strategically done while pregnant with my son. In fact, I took very few pictures of myself as I didn’t want a memory in case something went wrong. And when i went into labor I was so terrified that something would go wrong, as it had before and to so many other women who I either knew or read about. Sloane was born 2 hours after I arrived at the hospital and without even an epidural (which was the only plan I had this time!) I was in denial thinking that surely an epidural would come but alas, after screaming way more loudly than I will ever admit to doing in public, Sloane arrived healthy and fiery. There’s still a part of me that worries that this could all go badly in an instant, but I’m trying to remember to take each day at a time and to enjoy my children. These times are fleeting and I’m just so grateful to have an opportunity to see them grow. I’ve also learned that everyone has a story and that the best thing we can do as mothers is to not only enjoy our kids, but lift up other mothers for everyone has/is/will fight a battle. We can and should put some kindness and compassion out there, even if we get nothing in return, as it makes those dark moments filled with the worry that is inevitable as a mother just a little more bearable.
You are most likely feeling pretty achy inside and out, so putting on “regular” underwear or any shapewear product is out of the question. In fact, you know that band they give at the hospital, I thought about sending it back in time to the Victorian era. It pinched me and made my insides cry, it was not for me. I actually was seeking for the exact opposite, light as air, comfortable and unnoticeable. I credit those cringe-worthy weeks to the creation of this company and the underwear it designed. If there is a pair of stretchy, seamless underwear (with a breathable crotch) that feels like you’ve wrapped yourself in clouds, wouldn’t you buy it?

PartumWear™ is here to turn those first few magical weeks of your life into a pleasurable experience.