There are no seams in this postpartum panty, no more irritation on your recuperating skin that deserves comfort and care.


They fit every curve, and never lose their shape. The feel is the opposite of the shape-wear products out there, so light and soft to the touch that you forget you are wearing them.


Crotch panel technically knitted for breathability with antimicrobial treatment to help with the healing process. Your OBGYN will thank you.


Nylon/Elastine mix made of superior yarn by a manufacturer in the ballet industry.


“These are genius because they are so comfortable and airy and light! Thank you so so much!!! They are excellently designed!! So congrats for making an awesome and much needed product!!!! They are also a lot more attractive than the giant ugly cotton hanes underwear I usually wear postpartum. I wish I had these for my previous two postpartum experiences.” -Caroline L. (CT)

“After a cesarean and 3 other surgeries after childbirth, I wish I had these to wear in the hospital and in recovery. They’re buttery soft and stretch with your body. I am 8 weeks postpartum and still wearing them because they’re so comfortable. The first day I put them on I even forgot I was wearing them because they’re so soft. Every woman postpartum should own a pair or maybe ten!” -Elizabeth T (CT)

“When you’re a new mom, the last thing you want to worry about is uncomfortable underwear. When I put on my PartumWear they are comfortable and fit so well throughout the day, it’s one less thing I have to worry about as a mom. The material is soft and stretchy so they don’t slip down and is light enough so you don’t see them even through my yoga pants. They transition well from working out to playing on the floor with my daughter and then out to dinner with my husband.” -Leah S (CT)

“I am so happy to have found these underwear! They are just what I was looking for! They are so soft and stretch over all the bumps. I wore them the whole day and they never sagged or got loose. I also like that there are no seams. I am going to be wearing these all the time, and my husband won’t mind.”-Carrie M. (CA)

“Yes! Finally! I am still a bit sensitive but I don’t even feel these on my skin. I wish I had had them for my first pregnancy. I thought that they might slide off because I’m a small size but they don’t. And they are so soft!” -Fiona K. (NYC)


The Partumcare Company®️ was started by me, Sara—a mom of three, in 2016 because I lived in disposable underwear for way too long. The mesh worked great for the first 24hrs in the hospital, but not so great in the weeks following. During my second go around postpartum, i asked myself "Why aren’t there any seamless postpartum panties out there for us?" I could not figure out why no one had created something for us moms, during a time where this is most likely the most sensitive you’ll ever be. I mean you just gave birth, you should be wearing something the angels spun out of cloud silk. We as a society have come up with socks for dogs, but we couldn’t think up of underwear for new mommies? So, I embarked on my little journey—I started designing and playing around with fabric compositions and looking into seamless machines and manufacturers. Using my Parsons School of Design education and the help of some great people in my life who helped make this a tangible dream, I created the PartumWear™ panty. Since 2017, our Partumcare®️ team has grown and added a few moms from my #momtribe, most notably Jenny, the Co-Everything. We are so happy and proud to be helping other women on this amazing journey called Motherhood.

PartumWear™ is underwear designed specifically to ensure you, the new mom, are as comfortable as possible. They are seamless with a breathable and technical knit crotch with an antimicrobial finish, made of superior quality 4-way stretch fabric. Seams can irritate the skin, causing some of us to even wince and that’s the last thing you need. One size fits 0 – 5 XL, these are the yoga pants of underwear you have been looking for! 


So, I figured during this part of your life, where you don’t really sleep very much, I’d share some helpful stuff that I and some other mom friends have come across during our postpartum experiences. If this isn’t your first rodeo, I’m sure a helpful reminder won’t hurt. Women helping women. Nothing bad has ever come out of that.


Did you know, according to the CDC, that there are 4 million births per year in the United States? That’s a whole lot of women going through postpartum over the course of 0-6 weeks. And that time frame can extend. Research shows that women who have had multiple births take an average of 1 week longer time to recover. Women who have had a cesarean can take even longer to recover, especially if there are complications with the sutures healing (hello, cough cough, me). I tore my sutures open, requiring an additional 4 week recovery period. That’s 8 weeks total! So we made a great “down there” recovery checklist/tip sheet, just for you:

Tylenol (acetaminophen). Take 2 for overall aches and pains, not to mention post-birth contractions. Maxi pads. Postpartum bleeding (lochia) can last for up to six weeks. Be ready by stocking up on pads, not tampons. Ice packs. Ice your perineal area: you can do it yourself with ice packs wrapped in paper towels, we suggest avoiding ice cubes as it might get a little messy. Postpartum underwear. Get your postpartum undies stocked, you’ll need about 5 pairs on average. Bonus: ours are moisture wicking and have an antimicrobial treatment. Witch Hazel. Use it on pads or a wipe to clean and soothe vaginal pain and hemorrhoids. Peri/Squirt bottle. Rinse off your perineal area before/after peeing, every time. Yes, it’s annoying but do it as the area heals. Lidocaine spray. If you’re one of the lucky millions, you’ll get postpartum hemorrhoids and this will help take the edge off. Stool softener. We are pretty sure you know why you need this. Heating pad. Ease the aches and pains in your abdomen while your uterus shrinks back to a reasonable size. Sitz bath. Soak in water up to your hips to relieve postpartum pain.



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