The Partumcare®️ Team

Hi There!! So maybe you are wondering who we are and how we got into the panty business, or maybe you think your PartumWear™ is made by a bunch of angels. Either way, we figured we'd share a little bit about ourselves and maybe it'll make you think about starting your own company, who knows. The more women out there creating stuff for others, the better, right?

This company, as maybe you read somewhere, was started because in 2016 there were NO other options for our postpartum bodies, other than the mesh. This we found to be astonishing seeing as we just created life, flimsy gauze was the only thing available and that just isn’t real underwear girls. So between trying to keep a baby alive and shreds of our sanity (hello motherhood), there was this overwhelming need to create real underwear for new moms. Something that was super comfortable, wouldn’t catch on any sutures or press on sore skin, and keep us free from yeast infections. Oh yeah, and something that fit everyone’s postpartum body. We women aren’t all made the same, did you know that? Postpartum bodies differ like the stars in the sky, grains of sand and snowflakes; Your body is original to begin with, pregnancy and childbirth give it a special twist, and no one woman’s body goes through the exact same experience as another.

Et voila, we slaved away over millimeters of measuring, fibers within yarn and laser focused in on technical weaves to create PartumWear™. Or you can just thank the heavens and we’re good with that too. We only ask one thing, share the PartumWear™ love with a friend, because she needs to know there is better underwear out there. Believe us when we say that our mom tribe is everything, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Sara and Jenny


Sara Selbert Savov

Sara Savov Founder and Designer at Partumcare

Hi! My name is Sara and I’m the mother of 3 (!!!) energetic boys, 7, 4 &1. My boys are the whole reason the seamless aspect of PartumWear™  came about. I had not just one, or two, but THREE emergency c-sections in the past 7 years and most likely will get to go through that fun circus again should we have another. Postpartum with baby #2 and #3 I managed to rupture my sutures. I can show you pictures if you like, but just imagine a whole into your stomach. This is also why I will tell anyone who listens that moisture is not your friend. You want to keep that area as dry as possible, use a hair dryer if you need to. Our underwear wicks away moisture, another key factor we learned from real life. Anyhow, we live in the country now and having grown up in a city most of my life it’s a bit of a change. We traded in sidewalks for meadows and tall buildings for 2 story houses. I also traded in my edgy fashion wardrobe for jeans, sweaters and lately anything stretchy, what would my city crew think?! We used to dress up for a night out and fling open doors screaming “EGOISTE”. A LOT has changed ha ha. I love it though and wouldn’t change any of it for a second, except for maybe Bob the bobcat who comes to visit us every now and then.


Jenny Dutile

Jenny Dutile, Partumcare™

Hello! I'm Jenny and I have two amazing kids that keep my life super busy. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me and I love how crazy, fun and full my life has been since becoming a mom! I was a working mom during both of my pregnancies and I remember being so uncomfortable in the final weeks before delivery. There was no underwear that fit properly, especially under a suit. In a time when women are already dealing with so much we should not also have to be concerned with "panty lines"! I truly believe that women can do it all and I love that we have created a project that focuses on mommies during a time when they are giving it all to their kids!