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  • 4 WAY STRETCH This pair of postpartum underwear was designed for comfort in mind. They are the opposite of the shape-wear products out there, so light and soft to the touch that you forget you are wearing them. Superior yarn and weave create the stretch and give in all areas, no matter which way they are pulled. Not one stitch snaps, no matter how far you stretch it. Yet it bounces back to original form without issue, every single time.
  • This is how we are able to make it ONE SIZE for all.
  • SEAMLESS There are no seams in this panty, no more irritation on your recuperating skin that deserves comfort and care.
  • BREATHABLE & SEAMLESS CROTCH The crotch, like the rest of the panty, is seamless. The BEST part is that the crotch area has been knitted with a special weave to make it breathable. Your nethers will thank you, as air is allowed in and moisture wicked and evaporated.
  • SUPERIOR FABRIC The yarn, blend and knit used give the luxurious soft touch with all of the high end feel and comfort, yet at an affordable price.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 6 × 7 × .05 in


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Happy Customers

Leah Schmiedel

“When you’re a new mom, the last thing you want to worry about is uncomfortable underwear. When I put on Partumcare panties, they are comfortable and fit so well throughout the day, it’s one less thing I have to worry about as a mom. The material is soft and stretchy so they don’t slip down and is light enough so you don’t see them even through my yoga pants. They transition well from working out to playing on the floor with my daughter and then out to dinner with my husband.”

-Leah S. (CT)

Elizabeth Tocabens

“After a cesarean and 3 other surgeries after child birth, I wish I had these to wear in the hospital and in recovery. They’re buttery soft and stretch with your body. I am 8 weeks postpartum and still wearing them because they’re so comfortable. The first day I put them on I even forgot I was wearing them because they’re so soft. Every woman postpartum should own a pair or maybe ten!”

-Elizabeth T (CT)

Elizabeth Tocabens

“These are genius because they are so comfortable and airy and light! Thank you so so much!!! They are excellently designed!! So congrats for making an awesome and much needed product!!!! They are also a lot more attractive than the giant ugly cotton hanes underwear I usually wear post partum. I wish I had these for my previous two postpartum experiences.”

-Caroline L. (CT)

Carrie M.

“I am so happy to have found these underwears! They are just what I was looking for! They are so soft and stretch over all the bumps. I wore them the whole day and they never sagged or got loose. I also like that there are no seams. I am going to be wearing these all the time, and my husband won’t mind.”

-Carrie M. (CA)

Fiona K.

“Yes! Finally! I am still a bit sensitive but I don’t even feel these on my skin. I wish I had had them for my first pregnancy. I thought that they might slide o because I’m a small size but they don’t. And they are so soft!”

-Fiona K. (NYC)